San Mateo County DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer

Practice Areas

DUI/DWI Drunk Driving
DMV License Suspension
Domestic Violence
Restraining Order Violations
Child Endangerment
Drug Offenses
Petty Theft/Shoplifting
Auto Theft
Identity Theft
Assault & Battery
Resisting Arrest
Felony Offenses
Misdemeanor offenses
Traffic Offenses


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About Attorney Jácome

Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Jácome has developed the reputation of a tenacious advocate for his clients in San Mateo County. Jácome has the rare combination of being both a skilled negotiator and a very experienced and zealous litigator. He is known for his willingness to go the extra mile for his clients. That extra effort has proven over and over to make a huge difference in the final outcome for his clients.

Mr. Jácome opened his law office in 1998 and has practiced criminal defense ever since. From the begining of his law practice, Jácome developed a reputation as an aggressive and successful trial litigator.


Alejandro I. Jácome strongly believes that having an experienced, dedicated and caring attorney who is not overwhelmed by a huge caseload can make an incredible difference in the outcome of a criminal case. As a result, he only takes select cases and does not carry a large caseload. Having an attorney who understands you and your case allows the lawyer to present the accused as a real person and not just another docket number. Mr. Jácome personally appears in court with his clients and does not delegate cases to inexperienced associates.

Having an attorney who is not afraid of going to trial can make a marked difference in the ultimate outcome of your case.

Mr. Jácome is commited to providing individualized attention to each client.


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